Shoshanna Rome, LMHC

I am a mental health counselor licensed in both New York and Wisconsin. I offer telehealth and in-person sessions at my Katonah office in New York. I provide caring and compassionate psychotherapy specializing in perinatal mental health, trauma, mood disorders, and families affected by a loved one's substance abuse.

Looking to Start Therapy?

You may have been struggling for a few days, or even a few decades, and you are now taking the steps to taking care of yourself by looking for a therapist. This is an act of bravery, and you are not alone. Therapy can provide insight, a shift in perspective, and create change to redefine and rediscover yourself. With care and compassion, we can build trust together and gently look into the complexities of your unique and individual life. Therapy is a vulnerable yet rewarding process and I will be honored to have the opportunity to walk this path beside you. 

"Therapy is a sanctuary for self-discovery, a compass for navigating life's challenges, and a mirror that reflects the strength within you." - Shoshanna Rome, LMHC

In her practice Shoshanna Rome specializes in 

includes but not limited to, fertility difficulties, pregnancy, postpartum, pregnancy loss, child loss, birth trauma, family changes, relationship challenges, and the early years of parenting

She is also trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy 

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