Exploration of Racial Identity 

I specialize in guiding individuals through the intricate terrain of racial identity while fostering mental well-being in the complex and difficult world we live in today. 

Drawing from my own journey and professional expertise, I create a space where your story is honored, where we explore the complexities of your experiences, and where healing can take root. My commitment is to walk beside you on this path, offering compassionate support and culturally attuned guidance as we navigate the intersections of identity, how we move through the world, and mental health. 

I believe in the power of these conversations to unlock resilience, reclaim authenticity, and nurture self-acceptance. Your narrative is unique, and together, we'll weave a web of compassion and empowerment. My goal is to provide a space dedicated to honoring and nurturing the beautiful complexity of who you are. Bring your whole self here. You are welcome here.